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DC Kids at DC Church

The DC Kids staff is committed to helping lay a strong foundation in the life of each child, with the hope that when older, each child will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Our desire is to provide a Christ-centered, interactive, fun and safe environment for your child to learn and build lasting relationships.


9:45 & 11:00 Preschoolers (Babies - 4 Years Old)

Includes Bible Study, Praise & Worship, Arts & Crafts and Snacks. We teach kids the same basic heart truths repeatedly until they fully understand them: God created me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever! Each of our classes is designed to help even the youngest children begin to understand that God made everything for a purpose - including them! We look forward to partnering with you through prayer and teaching, as you begin this incredible journey with your child towards the development of Godly character, lasting relationships, and, most importantly, a whole hearted commitment to Christ.

9:45 Kids Connect Groups (K-5th Grade)

This is a time for kids (grades K-5th) to learn lessons from the Bible, develop Bible skills, and realize how the Bible is relevant in their lives today. Our dedicated teachers offer a nurturing, safe and fun environment as they lead the children into a deeper knowledge of who God is and how to know him better. We also encourage the classes to participate in various community service/mission projects throughout the year.

11:00 Children’s KIDSTIME Worship

“Kidstime” is an exciting worship service (K-5th grade) designed to bring the kids into a closer relationship with God. In Kidstime, Kids learn to connect their Bible story to how they can use it in their lives today. Centered around a monthly character virtue, the children learn through music, dance, videos, games, and live actors who bring the Bible story to life! Our kids experience is fun and exciting, church will never be called “boring” again! Kidstime meets in the large group room just around the corner from our Preschool.

Child Check-in

• A computer-based child check-in system for ALL children (babies through 5th grade) is in place with stations located outside the Preschool area and inside the Preschool area.

• Each Sunday, we have trained volunteers available to assist you in the check-in process. This easy process involves entering your last name, selecting the appropriate class for your child, and printing your child’s label and pick-up labels. Your child will be released only to an adult with the pick-up label matching the child’s label. Children will only be released to adults 18 years or older.


• While in our care, each child’s safety and security is our top priority.

• ALL volunteers have background checks before working with preschoolers.

• If you are needed while your child is in our care, we will contact you via pager. Our pagers are available for checkout at a counter in the preschool area. If a parent loses at tag needed for pick-up, they will be asked for ID or asked to reprint labels at the Child Check-in area.


Questions: Contact Jen Boren, Children's Ministry Coordinator, at jpkcboren@cox.net


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Kelly Cahoon

Kelly Cahoon

Director of
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