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DC Kids Champions Club


Just as Jesus’ ministry here on earth included reaching out to those with disabilities, we too want to be a part of reaching everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our DC Kids Champions Club ministry started in October of 2015 and is dedicated to providing hope to students with special needs and their families, through an amazing volunteer staff. Our goal is to minister to each student by helping him grow in an environment that continues the vision of DCKids by “Connecting Kids to God and Others”.


• To integrate the same DCKids ministry goals through our teaching.
• To provide a trained volunteer team to minister to those with different abilities.
• To share the amazing news of Jesus Christ with everyone in our care and help them grow in their faith.
• To help people with special needs become integrated into the life and the body of the church.
• To come beside and support each family… to provide resources, small group connections, and counseling resources.

What will your Sunday morning look like?

CHECK-IN:  Please check-in your child with the DCKids check-in team on the first floor of DC Kids. When filling out the form for the first time, please let us know that your child has special needs. One of our check-in team members will help your family finish the check-in process and will introduce you to either one of our Champion’s Club leaders or our Children’s Ministry Director.



Our special needs wing is nestled right next to our check-in area. The themed “garden” will be the perfect place for your child to grow and learn about Jesus! We have three rooms in our wing, each centered around learning and providing for each child’s specific needs. We have a sensory room, a worship/ educational room, and a tactile room.

Our sensory room is the perfect place for our kids to begin the day and to be stimulated before we start learning. It includes a ball pit, crash pad, bubble tube, LED lights, and more. Your child will love this space. This is also a wonderful place for our kids with a buddy to come and “chill” if they need to escape from their groups for a little while.

Our tactile room is where we have fun and learn about Jesus at the same time! Here, through play, your child will find friends and the love of God, too!

Our worship/educational room is where our kids will come together with leaders to watch the Bible story each week and dance to our worship music. Here they also have the opportunity to reinforce the Bible verse and reenact the Bible story through dramatic play.



Our buddy program is for children of all ages, and with the help of our buddies, most of our Champions Club children are able to attend our regular DCKids groups. Buddies are trained adults and proven teens who stay with your child to assist with activities during connect groups and Kidstime.



Team Leader:  Hunter Richardson hunterrhae@yahoo.com

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Jim Limbach

Jim Limbach

Family/Youth Pastor